Do organic tampons make a difference?

Whether it’s by swapping disposable cups for a reusable ones, ditching the plastic straws, or shopping more mindfully – we’re all trying to reduce our impact on the planet.

Being classified as a luxury item you would think that the products would also be held to a high standard, if you have ever observed the packaging box in detail you will find that the ingredients is missing, this isn’t an error, there are no regulations on them and therefore your tampon or pad could be made out of anything. The average tampon contains several types of chemicals and given that most tampon users will use around 12,000 in their lifetime it is worth knowing what exactly is in them.

The result? More than 200,000 tons of waste per year.

If we wouldn’t put it in our mouth why were we allowing it to be put into one of our most absorbent organs?

Here are a few reason why you should switch to organic tampons:

1. Better for your body

We are so conscious about the food we put in our mouth, however when it comes to our sanitary products they become overlooked. Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world yet we are happy to put this in contact with our bodies for long periods of time.

Most will have a mix of:
•             Rayons- a highly absorbent synthetic fibre
•             Chlorine which is used to bleach them - for the aesthetic white look
•             Dioxin
•             Pesticides and insecticides
Quite a mixture!

Using 100% certified organic tampons reduces skin irritations and cramps and eliminates pesticides and insecticides. We want to be transparent with the ingredients used, there are no hidden secrets.

2. Better for the environment

It is not only the ingredients of the tampons it is also the effect on the environment- to put it into perspective if Mary Queen of Scots did use tampons they would still be around today. Pads are even worse they are made up of 90% plastic, a pack of menstrual pads is equivalent to 4 plastic bag. The Marine Conservation Society reckons that on average per 100 meters of beach in the UK there are 4.8 pieces of period plastic, including pads and their backing strips, panty liners, tampon applicators and tampon plastic overwraps. A single woman will go through 150 kgs of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. Each one of these takes hundreds of years to break down.

However there are alternatives that are more environmentally friendly such as 100% organic products, period proof pants and the moon cup. They provide a more environmentally friendly choice where we can have a guilt free period.

Periods are natural your products should be too.